Experience Counts

We are a Nationally-established third party administrator (TPA) that has developed and implemented employee screening programs for companies throughout the US and overseas. Confidence is knowing that you are guided by an experienced TPA can put your mind at ease while setting up and administering your workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.

DOT Programs 

Drug and alcohol testing programs under the Federal Highway Safety Motor Carrier Administration (FHSMCA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) must meet a variety of strict rules and regulations that can be particularly confusing. We will help streamline the process by providing all the products and services your company needs to stay compliant with State, Federal, and Department of Transportation (DOT) Employee Drug Testing regulations.   

NON-DOT Programs

In addition to implementing and administering DOT programs for our customers, we also develop DOT “look alike" programs for our NON-DOT clients. These drug and alcohol testing programs essentially mirror DOT programs, but gives you more flexibility in choosing the types of drugs and the detection levels your program will test for, while assuring the highest standards and quality. 

DOT Compliance Programs and Random Testing Programs 

Drug Testing Corporation (DTC) offers your company peace of mind, our drug testing services for the transportation industry are fully compliant with the Department of Transportation DOT. Our helpful representatives regularly create custom-tailored random drug and alcohol testing programs to meet the specific needs of each and every customer. You can find additional information at: or visit our RESOURCES. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Custom Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs.