Don’t want to lose valuable “work hours” while employees sit and wait at collection sites?

We Have The Answer! Let Our collectors come to you.

DTC provides On-Site Employee Drug Testing and Collection Services at your workplace or anywhere you need. DTC has access to over 1,500 on-site/mobile collectors Nation Wide, who are ready to meet your employee drug testing and collection needs.

On-Site testing takes on average, 15 minutes per/person start to finish, paperwork and all and your employees never leave the building. On-Site testing eliminates: potential liability; if an employee were in an accident in route, to or from the collection site, employees coming in contact with sick patents at occupational medicine clinics,  employees stopping off at a head shop or vitamin store to purchase adulterants, quick flush products, or even clean urine to beat the drug test.

On-Site Drug Testing and Collection services keeps you in CONTROL and the Random in Random Drug Testing.

All of our collectors are certified and trained to collect urine, hair, oral fluid and DOT-alcohol tests. DTC will coordinate with your company representative and the designated on-site/mobile collector to determine supply arrangements, date and time of event, anticipated number of collections, and any additional criteria.

Contact us today to learn more about our ON-SITE Employee Testing and Collection services.

DTC Offers a Full Line of Urine and Saliva Testing Products and Services